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Faculty-led Programs

This is a tentative listing of courses that may be taken when participating in a faculty-led Texas State study abroad program. Under each course listing, you will find a link to the program that offers it. Students participating in exchange and affiliated programs can choose from a large number of courses offered at the participating university abroad. Therefore, individual courses are not listed for exchange and affiliated programs on this page.

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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Programs by Destination

Buenos Aires Spring
SPAN 3305, SPAN 3306, SPAN 3308, SPAN 3371, SPAN 4340, SPAN 4350, SPAN 4390
Dr. Lucy Harney
(512) 245-2360

Vienna Summer II
GER 2310, GER 2320 and GER 4390
Dr. Ewa Siwak
(512) 245-7285

St. George's Caye (Archeological) Summer II
ANTH 4630 and ANTH 5390
Dr. James Garber
(512) 245-8272

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Summer II
CI 4355, CI 5355, GS 3310, GS 3320, HON 4380C
Dr. Gail Dickinson

Santiago Summer I
MGT 5318, MGT 5333, ECO 5320
Dr. Ivan Blanco

MU 5317 and MUSE 5127
Dr. Russell Haight

Costa Rica
Heredia Summer I
SPAN 2310, SPAN 2320 and SPAN 4390
Dr. Sergio Martínez
(512) 245-2360

Czech Republic
Prague Summer I
BA 4300, ECO 3320, ECO 4395, FIN 3318, FIN 4395
Dr. Jack Mogab
(512) 245-3249

Canterbury Summer II
ANTH 3305, ANTH 4320, ANTH 4360, ANTH 5320, ANTH 5390, PSY 3325, PSY 3331, PSY 4395, SOWK 3305, SOWK 3339
Dr. Jon McGee
(512) 245-8272

Chester Summer II
HIST 3368R, HIST 3373, HIST 4318T, HIST 4318U, HIST 4350U, HIST 4376, HIST 4388, HIST 4309, HIST 4309, HIST 5345, HIST 5348, HIST 5390
Dr. Bryan Mann
(512) 245-7845

Edinburgh, Cardiff and London Summer I
MC 3343, MC 3367, MC4310, MC 4311, MC 4382O, MC 5311, MC 5324
Dr. Sandy Rao
(512) 245-3790

Stratford and London Summer I
TH 4323, TH 4324, TH 5323 and TH 5324
Dr. Charles Ney
(512) 245-3573

Rennes and Paris Summer II
FR 1420, FR 2310, FR 2320, FR 4304, FR 4370, FR 4390 and HON 3395L
Dr. Carole Martin
(512) 245-2360

Hannover Summer I
GEO 4310, GEO 4390, GEO 5308, GEO 5390
Dr. James Petersen
(512) 245-3203

Reykjavik Summer I
ENG 3340, ENG 3341, ENG 5388 and ENG 5390
Dr. Graeme Wend-Walker
(512) 245-7883

New Delhi Winter Break
HIST 4350J, HIST 5395E, HIST 5362, HON 3396D, PHIL 5388, 
Dr. Leah Renold
(512) 245-2118

New Delhi Summer I
HIST 4350J, HIST 4350P HIST 5395E, HIST 5395H and HIST 5362
Dr. Leah Renold
(512) 245-2118

Cork Summer II
ENG 3311, ENG 3341, ENG 5323 and ENG 5395
Prof. Steve Wilson
(512) 245-7660

Florence Summer I
ARTC 4314, ARTH 4311, ARTS 2361 and ARTS 4308I
Dr. Teri Evans-Palmer
(512) 245-9668

Florence Summer I
ITAL 2310, ITAL 2320 and ITAL 3308
Dr. Moira Di Mauro-Jackson
(512) 245-2360

Nagoya Summer I
JAPA 2310, JAPA 2320 and LING 4390
Dr. Mayumi Moriuchi
(512) 245-1347

South Africa
Chintsa Summer II
CI 4378, CI 5375, RDG 4380 and RDG 5380
Dr. Lori Assaf
(512) 245-9163

Barcelona Summer I
BA 4300, BA 4315, CIS 3380, MGT 4330, MKT 4310 and MKT 3358
Dr. Vivek Shah
(512) 245-2049

Barcelona Summer II
POSI 2310, POSI 2320,POSI 4379 an POSI 5398
Dr. Hassan Tajalli
(512) 245-2143

Valladolid Summer I
SPAN 2310, SPAN 2320 and SPAN 4390
Dr. Agustin Cuadrado
(512) 245-2254

Valladolid Summer II
SPAN 2310, SPAN 2320 and SPAN 4390
Dr. Antonio Gragera
(512) 245-2360

Valladolid Spring and Fall
SPAN 3370, SPAN 3371, SPAN 4340 and SPAN 4380B
Dr. Antonio Gragera

How to apply to a faculty-led program

Faculty-Led Application Form

All students who plan to participate in a Texas State Faculty-Led study abroad progam must submit the online application below.

     Attention: Registration for ONLY Winter 2014/Spring 2015 programs is now open!

Step One: You will need to first complete the PARTICIPATION APPROVAL FORM. This needs to be filled out by you and obtain three signatures. One from the dean of students, your academic advisor and your study abroad academic program director (APD). Once the form is completed you will ATTACH it to the online application. This form must be attached or you will not be able to go forward with the application.


Step Two: You will need to submit your first payment according to your study abroad program payment schedule. This payment includes a $200 non-refundable application fee. Make sure to print out the receipt. You will need to attach this to the online application. Your receipt must be attached to your application, otherwise you will not be enrolled in the program. Online payments are received on our website. If you plan to make the payment by cash, check or money order you will need to come by the Study Abroad Office so we may issue you a deposit form. With this deposit form you will then be able to make your payment at Student Business Services (Cashier's Office). This office is located on the first floor of JCK.

Step Three: Review the payment and cancellation policies for your program. The payment and cancellation form is located on the faculty-led programs web page.

Step Four: Please fill out the online FACULTY-LED STUDY ABROAD APPLICATION. In the application you will attach your participation approval page and the receipt for your application fee. Please follow all instructions listed in the application. Remember, incomplete applications will not be processed.

Step Five: Submit your online application with your participation approval page and copy of your receipt, you should then receive a automatic confirmation of submission. You will be re-directed to the payment and cancellation policies of your program once you have clicked the "submit" button on your application.The Study Abroad Office will review your application and send you a confirmation of enrollment and instructions related to your study abroad registration via e-mail within seven business days.

For more information, you may contact your academic program director (APD) or the Study Abroad Office. If you receive financial aid, you must notify the Texas State Financial Aid Office, located in J.C. Kellam 220, that you have been accepted to this program.

Accepted Texas State Faculty-Led Participants

Pre-departure Information Sessions Schedule

We are currently gathering this information. Thank you for your patience.


Faculty- Led Course Offerings

Faculty-Led 2013-2014 Courses