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Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program - Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

Program Dates: July 7 - August 11, 2018

Program Leader: Dr. Laura Rodríguez Amaya | |512.245.7802 | ASBN 209 |

San Jose, Costa Rica

The Study Abroad Office recognizes the potential of students who, through their diverse cultural backgrounds, talents, interests, and perspectives, will enhance the educational experience at Texas State University. This program is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals by providing a unique study abroad experience in a diverse group.

The Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program offers a brand-new study abroad opportunity to our underrepresented students with high financial need. Ten selected participants will be fully immersed in the Costa Rican culture by attending local Veritas University in San José. Dr. Laura Rodríguez Amaya is the Academic Program Director who will travel internationally with the participating students to San José, Costa Rica, and will accompany them throughout the first week of the program.

The Texas State faculty member, Dr. Rodríguez will be collaborating with our affiliated provider, CEA, to provide the students with the necessary resources during the duration of the program. For more information, please visit CEA's Costa Rica blog here.

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$2,000 Fee-Reduction Sponsorship

The Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program sponsorship is a fee-reduction opportunity provided by the Study Abroad Office in the amount of $2,000, bringing the program fees down from $4,400 to $2,400!

San Jose, Costa Rica

This cost includes: 

  • Tuition and fees for up to 6 hours of university credits
  • Social and cultural activities with the locals
  • Homestay with local families
  • Daily breakfast and dinner 
  • On-site support from your Academic Program Director, Laura Amaya 
  • Group transportation upon arrival in San José, Costa Rica
  • 24/7 staff support from CEA and Veritas University
  • International Insurance
  • $200 non-refundable deposit

Cost of in-state tuition at Texas State: $3,665.92                      

Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program cost: $2,400.00

6 credit hours: $2,415.92 6 credit hours: Included in the program price
Room and Board: $ 1,250.00* (meals not included)  Room and Board (Homestay with local families, breakfast, and dinner included): Included in the program price.
  Excursions to Doka Coffee Tour and La Paz Waterfall Garden: Included in program price
  The experience of a lifetime: included in the program price
  International airfare: $600.00* 
Total: $ 3,665.92 Total: $3,000.00

* These costs are just an estimate and are not guaranteed 


Veritas University Courses Texas State Equivalency
ART 1301: Basic Principles of Drawing ARTF 1302: Basic Drawing
COMM 3200: Intercultural Communication COMM 3329: Intercultural Communication
ECON 3403 : Introduction to International Economics in Latin America ECO 3320 : Emerging Market Economies
GEB 3350: Introduction to International Business MGT 3375: International Business
POL 3740: Economic Integration in Latin America POSI 3325: Economic Development in Latin America
SPN 101: Basic Oral Communication SPAN 1410: Beginning Spanish I*
SPN 102: Basic II SPAN 1420: Beginning Spanish II*
SPN 2301: Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2310 : Intermed Span I + 2 ELNA
SPN 2320: Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 2320: Intermed Span II + 2 ELNA
PSY 3050: Cultural Psychology PSY 3334: Psychology of Human Diversity
MKTG 3010: International Marketing Management MKT 4310: International Marketing
MKTG 3150: Sustainable Consumption and Production MKT 3375: Marketing for Social Change
MGMT 3030: Creative Leadership Skills MGT 4372: Effective Leadership
GEB 3120 : Innovation and Enterpreneurship ADV MGT ELEC

* Students may not take both SPAN I and SPAN II during this summer program

Veritas University Courses Texas State Pre-Approved Course Equivalencies
· Archeology  
ARCH 3112 History of Latin American Architecture and Art ARTH ELADV 3CR HRS
ARCH 3200 Tropical Architecture and Design ARTH ELADV 4 CR HRS
· Art History  
ART 2100 Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice * ARTS ELNA 3 CR HRS
ART 3200 National Identity and Art in Costa Rica ARTH ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Business  
GEB 3350 Introduction to International Business MGT ELADV 4 CR HRS
· Communication  
COMM 3070 Creative Conflict Resolution * COMM ELADV 4 CR HRS
· Cultural Studies  
ETH 3100 Selected Topics in Afro-Caribbean Studies * DVST ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Dance  
DNCE 2500 Theory of Latin American Tropical Dance * DAN ELNA 3 CR HRS
· Ecology  
ENV 3044 Tropical Ecology BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
ENV 3170 Freshwater Ecology BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
· Economics  
GEB 3500 Ecotourism: The Costa Rica Case * ECO ELADV 4 CR HRS
HIS 3290 Costa Rican Economic and Human Development * ECO ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Env. Sciences  
ENV 2500 Introduction to Genetics: Current Applications BIO ELNA 4 CR HRS
ENV 3005 Environmental Impact and Social Development * BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
ENV 3100 Tropical Birds * BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
ENV 3150 Tropical Botany: Useful Plants Workshop BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
ENV 3160 Conservation Biology of Endangered Marine Species BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
ENV 3190 Tropical Marine Biology * BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
ENV 3740 Climate Change: Impacts and Adaptations BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
ENV 4030 Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems * AG ELADV 4 CR HRS
ENV 4040 Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development * BIO ELADV 4 CR HRS
· Film Studies  
CTV 3400 Documentary Appreciation TH ELADV 4 CR HRS
· History  
HIS 2302 Contemporary Latin American History * HIST ELNA 3CR HRS
HIS 3130 Sustainability and Resources Management in the Ancient World * HIST ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Humanities  
HUM 3513 Costa Rica Colloquium: History & Culture * HUM ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Latin American Studies  
SPAN 3010 Latin American Literature in Translation SPAN ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Philosophy  
PHIL 3100 Philosophy and Integrated Thought of the Classic World PHIL ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Photography  
PHOT 2100 Ecological Photography ARTS ELNA 4 CR HRS
PHOT 2130 Cultural Photography * ARTS ELNA 3 CR HRS
PHOT 2600 Digital Photography ARTS ELNA 3 CR HRS
· Political Science  
POL 2500 Human Rights in Latin America POSI ELNA 3 CR HRS
POL 3100 Costa Rican Tradition: Peace and Democracy * POSI ELADV 3 CR HRS
POL 3220 Migration, Globalization and Social Change POSI ELADV 3 CR HRS
POL 3420 Costa Rican Environmental Policy: A History of Policy, Politics and Action * POSI ELADV 4 CR HRS
POL 3450 International Relations in Latin America * POSI ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Religious Studies  
THEO 3150 Major World Religions REL ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Sociology  
SOCY 3050 Diversity and Sexual Identity in Latin America * SOCI ELADV 3 CR HRS
· Spanish  
SPN 1002 Basic Spanish Oral Communication Skills SPAN ELNA 3 CR HRS
SSP 151 Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement and Border Patrol * SPAN ELNA 4 CR HRS

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