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Program Proposal Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below if you are experiencing any difficulties with your Program Proposal application.

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My name and/or my faculty's name is highlighted in yellow

Unfortunately, this is a glitch in the system that we are currently working on. Many names may be incorrectly highlighted yellow, indicating that they are not eligible to teach during your specific term. If you think this is not applicable to you or your faculty, please disregard this message and the yellow highlight for now. Please note that this glitch does not prevent you from completing the  rest of the application - you will still be able to 'Save'/'Save & Submit' your information.

My program faculty are able to log in, but they cannot add any of their information

Since all of the program details need to be final before advancing to the next step of the application, the workflow design is as follows:

APD > Faculty > APD > Study Abroad Office (SAO)

The APD must 'Save and Submit' all information required on their part before the rest of the Study Abroad faculty can enter their information. 

When the each faculty finishes entering his/her information, including personal information and course information, the APD will then be notified that they have a 'Program Pending their Approval.' The APD then will need to log back into the application, review all of the information submitted to ensure it is correct, and then click 'Save and Submit' one last time. From there, it is released to the Study Abroad Office for initial review. The Study Abroad Office will contact you if there are any questions or concerns regarding your submission. Once all information has been confirmed, the Study Abroad Office will release it for Chair/Dean approval. 

*If you are an APD and the only faculty member in your program, you will be required to press 'Save and Submit' several times, as you are technically the APD and the Faculty. You will be required to click 'Save and Submit' for each part of the workflow. 

I am getting an error regarding my contact hours

In order to be in compliance with Coordinating Board rules, please make sure that your courses have a minimum of 15 contact hours abroad per credit hour. 

(Example: If you are offering one three-credit hour course, you must have a minimum of 45 contact hours. 15*3 = 45 contact hours.)

Contact Hours



If you are offering a three-credit hour course with an on-campus component, your contact hours for that course must total a minimum of 45 contact hours. Please keep in mind that at least 51% of the total contact hours per course must be offered abroad to qualify as a study abroad program. (Example: If your on-campus component is 15 contact hours, the remainder of your contact hours should be at least 30. The remaining information will be entered in the 'Faculty-My Courses' section.)

Contact Hours








Contact Hours


Recommendations regarding Pre-Departure Orientations

Pre-Departure Orientations are best during the semester prior to your study abroad program, after the application period has ended. This way, you'll know which students are 'Committed' into your program and can gather them for the preliminary details about your program.

*Please note: Pre-Departure Orientations are not the same as On-Campus classes. The purpose of Pre-Departure Orientations is to address general information that will help your students prepare for your program and are not considered part of the academic content of your course(s).

Dates required for Study Abroad courses with an On-Campus component

Study Abroad courses may have an on-campus component. These class hours can be scheduled either before or after the travel component. However, both on-campus and abroad hours must be scheduled during the dates specified for the selected Part of Term.


Please keep in mind that at least 51% of the total contact hours per course must be offered abroad to qualify as a study abroad program.

What does it mean by, "Are you traveling with the group?"

Please click 'Yes' if you will be physically teaching on site, otherwise please click 'No.'


The application is not letting me submit my budget

Budgets must be submitted in .xlsx format.  

I accidentally clicked 'Save and Submit' before I entered all of my information

The Study Abroad Office does have some override privileges. Please contact the Study Abroad Office via email to provide further details about what information might need to be modified.